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I want to start by saying this is not one of those posts where I explain the cash value of everything I do, and give you some astronomical number that my time is worth each month. Is my time as a stay at home mom (SAHM) worth an astronomical number? Absolutely! Is that number realistic, or indicative of what our finances would look like if I went back to work? No. The number I came up with still seems astronomical knowing our current family budget. But I must say, when I was rounding up all the numbers I felt pretty validated. I felt I was generous with my time and duties as a SAHM. The monthly cost to employ someone to do the duties of a SAHM is astronomical. Even when I accounted for the commitment of motherhood not being something I expect to be paid for; when I only…

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A Book Review: Hope Prevails

I received this book in exchange for my honest review, all thoughts and opinions are genuine and mine alone

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If you have been following me for a little while now, then you know that I am very open about my struggle with depression and anxiety. Maternal Mental health, is something that I feel needs to be discussed and normalized, we are not alone.

So when I heard about the book Hope Prevails, I immediately wanted to read it. Hope Prevails is written by Michelle Bengsten, a board certified Neuropsychologist. She wrote Hope Prevails, as an outlet to share her journey through depression, and how she incorporated spiritual healing.

Dr. Bengston says, “We must recognize that we have cooperated with the enemy, listened to and agreed with his lies, and given in to his temptations. Then we must repent to God and, if necessary, to others. Repenting removes the enemy’s right…

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Small Shop Promo Day: Best Deals


If you have followed my blog at all,  you probably know that there is nothing I love more than supporting small businesses. Especially if they are mama owned businesses. Not only am I helping other mamas, but, when it comes to clothes, nine times out of ten, Aiden is not wearing the same outfit as another baby we encounter.

Imagine my delight when I stumbled across the Instagram account @smallshoppromo, back in April, which features a ton of small stores that offer a one-day discount on their products all using the same promo code. The percentages off vary, but there are some really awesome companies involved in the sale this go around. Continue reading

Pumping Tips for the Working Mom: Building Your Milk Stash

Pumping tips build stash

I went back to work when Aiden was 11 weeks old. On top of the emotional stress of leaving him so early, I also had to worry about how he was going to eat! On top of that, I had a business trip to Dublin a few weeks after returning to work. In preparation for all of this, I had to figure out a way to build up a good stash of milk while still feeding him every three hours.

One of the most common questions I get from new, or soon-to-be mamas, is how I built my milk supply to go back to work. It wasn’t easy, but here are the things that worked for me.

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