Happy Seven Months!

It feels like just yesterday I was writing Aiden’s six month update. I can’t believe it has already been another month! He had a ton of developmental changes this month. Aiden is now sitting on his own, trying to pull himself up into standing position (and he can stand with support) and he can transfer toys and objects from one hand to the other, which I am told is a milestone. He is still teething like crazy (you can read about that here), but doesn’t have any teeth yet. Hopefully they come in soon! Thanks to everyone who has given us suggestions and advice — in particular we are really happy we got an amber teething bracelet!

He LOVES food. He will eat anything and everything. This month we incorporated more “real” food. We let him try anything (healthy) that we are eating, but some highlights are: chicken, steak, eggs, mushrooms, peach, pear slices, apple slice, green pepper and pasta. For purees he tried mango, ginger and sweet potato and  red pepper, pear and sweet potato and date, oatmeal and pear. We are working on sippy cups and giving him more water, but he seems to do better drinking out of regular cups with our help. He really likes coconut water, so we usually mix that with plain water.

Sleeping has improved! He still sleeps through the night from about 7pm-6am, but he will now take naps in his crib (occasionally).

Aiden continues to show off his little personality. We can pretty much take him anywhere and he is happy to watch people and make new friends (he is still very popular with the ladies). He has a huge smile that lights up his face and anyone around him and the cutest giggle. This month he even had a few play dates with his friends (aka Mom and Dad got to hang out with their friends who have babies 😃)!

Aiden sitting by a fountainHe still loves being outside, and he loves water. We go for one to two walks a day and he likes to sit by a fountain near our house. He also like to look at cars as they pass by — he still talks to the flowers and trees we pass too. We took him to the zoo and he was very interested in all the animals. On the weekend he likes hanging out in the pool at his Nana and Pop Pop’s house.


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