Aiden chewing on a teething toy

So we have been in teething hell for about a month. It’s awful, like we are back to one month gas awful. I am sharing what has we have done to survive — plus I have a couple of discounts available on teethers!

Aiden chewing on beads and donut teetherApparently, not all babies have a lot of issues with teething; but almost all of our friends have gone through a terrible teething time. The biggest difference between the stories we’ve heard is that some babies cut their teeth overnight, while others take months. It’s looking like Aiden falls in the latter, but I’ll keep you updated (I am sure we will be jumping for joy when that tooth comes in)!

How did we know he was teething? At first, we didn’t, we thought it was gas, but none of our usual remedies worked, and then we noticed he was chewing his Wubbanub instead of sucking on it. That’s what tipped us off. Suddenly the tugging he was doing to his on his ears and increase in drool (although not the huge amount I was expecting from everything I have read) made sense.

The pain seems to be the worst when he is tired, so we can usually tell when he is ready for a nap or bed! We have tried so many things to help with the pain. Here is what is helpful for us:


police week2LouLouLollipopFinery — I love this Etsy shop. They have SO many cute teethers. We chose a donut for Aiden (for obvious reasons, his dad is a cop!), and he LOVES it, but they also have an ice cream cone and oreo cookie style. Their necklaces for Mom’s are super cute too. I love this rose necklace and this beaded necklace. I love that they don’t scream “I’m a teething necklace”.  LouLouLollipopFinery is offering Baby Castan on Board readers 20% off using promotion code Babycastan20! Not in the teething stage yet? That’s ok, you will be at some point, so why not stock up now?

Munch Mitt — Aiden always seems to have his hand in his mouth now. We put the munch mitt on, usually when he is in the car seat and stroller, so he can chew on the mitt instead of his hand. Bonus, it’s crinkly and Aiden love crinkly toys. It works pretty well!


Silicone Bangles — I love these silicone bangles from Minted Lane. They come in fun colors and I purchased the three pack, so know I always have something Aiden can chew on. Minted Lane is offering 20% off to readers until June 30th using promotion code Melissa20! The discount is valid until June 30, 2016, so take advantage while you can.

Finn and Emma Teether — Aiden loves this little teether. When he is not chewing on it, he is shaking the little stuffed animal because it rattles.

Silicone Feeder Teether — If you are nursing, you can put a piece of frozen milk in this silicone teether. It’s easier to clean than the mesh feeders and the milk will help soothe baby’s gums.

Medicine/Natural Remedies

Hyland teething tablets — These are a short term fix. They calm him down if he is really screaming, but they don’t take away the pain for long. They are not medication, so we can give him lots of these. We usually use them 3-4 times a day.

Hyland teething gel — This is another short term fix. We find that the Hyland brand works best (we also tried Baby Oragel which didn’t work at all).

Tylenol — We use this as sparingly as possible, usually before bed. It does seem to help. I have also heard that baby Motrin works well, but since the pediatrician recommended Tylenol and it has worked, we haven’t bothered to try Motrin.

Essential oils — We do a blend of Lavender and Roman Chamomile in coconut oil and rub it along his jaw. This seems to help calm him down. The lavender is calming and the roman chamomile is good for muscle tension. If you are interested in learning more about getting essential oils contact me.

Amber necklace — There are plenty of mixed reviews about the Amber necklaces and lots of fakes out there. I am definitely a skeptic, but the company Hazleaid comes highly recommended from a few people I know. They aren’t crazy expensive, so I got one. We have only had it for a few days, so I think it’s too soon to tell if it is truly effective — but it definitely hasn’t hurt. If you use this link, you can save 10% on your order. UPDATE: I am an amber necklace believer! He was a lot less fussy and needy while wearing the bracelet and then he lost his for a few days and the difference was crazy.

Watermelon, Cucumber, Corn — Anything cold and hard (or just hard in the case of corn) helps!


Is anyone else in teething hell right now? What are you best tips for managing the pain?





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