Road Trip with a Six Month Old




We recently drove to Rhode Island with Aiden. The trip is about seven hours and it was his second road trip. His first was at about three weeks old and he mainly slept, so six months was a little more challenging, but honestly, not that bad!

The biggest concern we had with this trip was being able to entertain him. He is so much more active and alert and awake, so thought of him being confined to his car seat was a little scary. Prior to the trip I did a little bit of research and found some great travel toy ideas so we purchased this baby car toy and this travel mobile, plus we have some things hanging on his car seat and teething toys. Plenty to keep him occupied (we hoped)!

We left really early in the morning, as soon as Aiden woke up, around 5:15am. We grabbed a bottle to feed him on the road. Once we were on the road we broke the trip up into three hour cycles, which is really not that different from our normal days! I would pump in the car and give him a bottle, then we would stop at a rest area and walk around for 15-20 minutes and change him, and then get back in the car and Aiden would play with the travel toys and then fall asleep for an hour. We did take a longer break a little more than half way through the trip where we ate at a restaurant and which allowed us to get Aiden out of the car a little longer.

When we arrived we tried to keep our routine as normal as possible. We borrowed a local friend’s pack and play and put his dock in that, and we brought his zippy (of course) and sound machine. The first night was a little rough, I think because he got so much sleep that day and it was a new environment, but there were no issues on the other nights, so overall, a success.

We followed the same process on the drive home.

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