Most Used Items Month Six



We really didn’t introduce many new items this month, and used a lot of the same things from month five (which you can see here).

The Exersaucer, Kick and Play and Beatbo are still Aiden’s favorite toys. In fact, we traveled to RI and visited our friend who has a baby girl, and the girl version of the kick and play. He saw it and immediately wanted to play. You can see how happy he was in the picture above! He still sleeps in his DockATot (Get 10% off DockATot here) with his Zipadeezip and loves his Wubanubb.

A few new items or things we used more/differently are:
Booster Seat: Now that Aiden is able to sit on his own we are able to start baby led weaning (AKA feeding him chunks of solid food). We put pieces of food on the booster seat tray so he can practice sitting and eating.

Stroller: We still use the Chicco stroller, but we have started walking him without the car seat so he can sit up and look around. I am also still running with him most days in our Bob Ironman stroller.

Babiators: Now that the sun is finally out it can be an issue especially during walks. These glasses are super cute and they come with a warranty in case they break or get lost. Aiden has been really good about keeping them on!

Teething: In the last week Aiden has started seriously teething. I plan on writing a more detailed post once we get through it (and hopefully figure it out — it’s been awful so far!), but so far we have been using Louloulollipop’s donut teether and Minted Lane’s beaded pacifier clip and bangles.

Also, I wrote about our bath time routine and talked about my love for Burt’s Bees products including their washcloths, hooded towels, pjs and bath soaps, lotions, etc. Use this link to get  25% Burt’s Bees products at Target through June 11!

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