My Mama Network

Aiden at computer

I have mentioned my mama friends a few times; the amazing women I turned to who either already had a baby, or were recent first time moms. The support and advice I received from them has been invaluable. Plus, it’s so much better going through all the ups and downs when you have friends who can relate. I love that Aiden will be able to grow up with these kids and we can all hang out and have play dates!

What I did not expect was that motherhood would bring me a whole new virtual network of support. Through blogs and social media networks like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube you can find a whole different type of support with new ideas and perspectives from women who have, collectively, gone through just about everything!

My first introduction to this virtual network was on Instagram. I stumbled upon an account (@Lynzyandco) that hosted a nightly discussion around the #latenightnursingfeed. Each night she, or a guest, posts a specific baby related topic and other mamas who follow the hashtag can comment on the topic. I learned so much in the early months from the different topics and comments. That is why I am so excited to be hosting the Late Night Nursing Feed on Wednesday, May 25th. Around 8pm on the 25th, I (ltlmissmeliss) will post a topic and I hope that you will leave a comment (you do not have to be nursing to participate).

While I am on the subject, I thought I would share some of the other websites/accounts that have been most helpful for me, because you can never have too many people in your corner!

Blogs I follow:

Style Within Reach — I have been following this blog for about two years. She got married a few months before I did and then had her first born about 6 months before Aiden! She has a great approachable style to writing about her experience with motherhood, entertaining and style.

Momma Society — I love Momma Society because it has lots of great ideas and advice for everything from how to host a play date, to planning a first birthday party to brewing your own lactation beer (not alcoholic).

BabyFoode— This is my go to read for starting solids. There are tons of amazing recipes, not only for babies but for toddlers, kids and even adults! Her Pinterest is also pretty great!

My Favorite Mom Instagram Accounts:

@caitlinkruse (from Style Within Reach above)

@hellobabybrown (formally @Sloan_and_Co)

@Lynzyandco (from Late Night Nursing Feed above)



Facebook Group:

Mamas Unplugged with L&L


LovebyLynn — I specifically follow this account for her workout videos which are great — they totally kick my butt!


Let me know if you follow any other great mom accounts that I should check out.



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