Most Used Items — Month Five


Month five was a big month for Aiden! We used a lot of new items and are using less and less of some of the earlier items from month one and two. He is so much more aware of his surroundings now, and especially toward the end of the month, has been into playing with toys. We introduced him to purees at about 4.5 months, so there were lots of new products there. I will be writing a separate post about that soon!

Here are the most used items from month five:

  1. High chair — We love the Fisher-Price EZ Clean High Chair. First, it really is easy to clean. The tray comes off and fits in the dishwasher, and the chair cover can be thrown into the washing machine. It is a sturdy high chair and adjustable so we will be able to continue using it as Aiden grows.
  2. Bowls/Spoons — We really like the Munchkin Love-A-Bowls set. We purchased two. Each set comes with four bowls and two spoons. The bowls have covers so you can throw them in the fridge or freezer and travel with them. We usually send one to the babysitter. Also, these are an add on product through Amazon so very affordable!
  3. Baby Brezza Food Maker — The decision to make our own baby purees was very easy with this product. You literally put the chopped food and some water into it and it does the rest.
  4. Exersaucer — We have the Baby Einstein Exersaucer at home, but he also likes to use the one at his babysitter’s house which is similar to this Evenflo Exersaucer. Although he enjoys the Baby Einstein one, it is still a bit big for him and he can’t reach everything, so I think his preference this month is for the Evenflo which works well for a smaller baby as everything is more within reach.
  5. Beatbo — I know I have written about this before, but he really LOVES Beatbo now. In the last week he has started actively reaching for it to play with it. It is meant for older babies (recommended nine months) but we introduced it to Aiden at one month and it is the type of toy that will grow with him. At one month he liked the colors; now, at four months he likes to figure out the movement, and I am sure at around nine months he will be able to dance/understand the songs (counting, alphabet, dancing, colors).
  6. Wubbanub — Aiden LOVES his wubbanub. He loves to hold on to the little stuffed animal. I think before it was too big/heavy for him, but now he is able to use it.  We ended up buying a second one so that we could wash the first one. You wash it in the washing machine and lay flat to dry. The Wubbanub has replaced his Mam pacifier during the day, but he still uses the Mam pacifiers at night.
  7. Zipadeezip, Dockatot (ps. Dockatot is offering 20% off for mother’s day!!) and Kick and Play are all still used a lot. The Zipadeezip is really only used at bedtime now though. Basically everything from month four is still being used.


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