Happy Five Months!


I can’t believe Aiden is already almost half a year old! Gah! We are having so much fun watching him grow. It seems like he does something new every day!

Our sweet and silly Aiden is constantly making us laugh with his noises, giggles and actions. He is a lot more mobile than ever before and it’s fun to watch him fix on one of his toys and try to roll or scoot his way over to it. He rolls a lot more from side to side, even sometimes rolling on to his stomach from his back.

His favorite new toy is the exersaucer which he can use to practice his standing. He LOVES to play with the “big kids” (ages 1 and 2) at his babysitter’s house, I really think he thinks he is one of them. He also loves story time especially when he gets to turn the pages.

He is happiest when he is around people; although, he seems to like observing from Mom or Dad’s arms — he has a little stranger danger thing going on where he will start to cry if we hand him off to people.

We started feeding Aiden purees this month. So far he loves apples & cinnamon, pears & nutmeg and sweet potato & thyme. He has also tried green beans, but he’s not so sure about those yet.

Aiden’s sleep has improved! He sleeps from around 6pm-6am most nights. Occasionally waking up once for a quick snack. His naps are also more regular. He typically will take three one-hour naps per day.

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