Baby Bath Time


From about 2 weeks until 3.5 months we gave Aiden a bath every other day. Now he gets one every day as part of his bed time routine. At first he really hated the bath, but now he loves to splash around and our babysitter during the day sometimes gives him a bath to calm him down if he is really upset.

Here are some of our favorite bath time products, we really love Burt’s Bees as you will notice below:

The First Years Deluxe Newborn Tub — We started using this tub once Aiden outgrew the sink at about 1.5 months. It has a sling for small babies which can be removed once baby outgrows it. It is fairly large, so we put it in the bath tub which will probably make transitioning to the actual bath tub a little easier when the time comes.

Shampoo/wash — We use Burt’s Bees shampoo and wash. It smells nice, doesn’t dry out Aiden’s skin and doesn’t bother his eyes if he gets soapy water in them.

Lotion — We use Burt’s Bees Fragrant Free during the day and the calming lotion at night.

Diaper area– After the bath we use Burt’s Bees Dusting Powder and Diaper Rash Ointment when necessary. I also really like Zoe Organic Everything Balm, for well, everything! It’s great during the day to keep diaper rash away and I use it on Aiden’s baby eczema. I use it for me too! As far as diapers we only use Pampers Swaddlers or Honest Company (during the day –not at night). We have found other diapers give him bad diaper rash which is not fun!

Cradle Cap — I use coconut oil; I put it directly on his head and let it sit during his last feeding before his bath. Then when he is taking his bath, I wash it off.

Hooded towels/washcloths — I always use hooded towels. My favorites are from Pottery Barn Kids because they are very thick and long enough to wrap Aiden in. I like Burt’s Bees washcloths (that come with a hooded towel) and Circo washcloth sets.

Nails — Cutting baby fingernails is absolutely the WORST thing ever. It took me 3 months to have the nerve to cut them (I just put gloves on him, filed them or his babysitter did it…). I did find these awesome Fridababy nail clippers. They have a hole cut out so that you can see exactly what you are cutting and it comes with a nail file. I highly recommend this!

We will occasionally throw some bath toys in with him but he is not super interested in them yet. He prefers to splash.


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