Most Used Items — Month 4


We are still using a lot of the items from month three, but we did add a few things this month.

ZipadeeZip — We bought a second one so we can wash them. I can’t tell you how much he loves this thing, it’s crazy! I definitely recommend joining their mailing list because they do frequently offer discounts. They also have great customer service. About a month after we got our first one, a small hole appeared in one of the shoulders. They replaced it very quickly, and sent a return label with the shipment so I didn’t have to wait days for return processing and shipping.

Bob Ironman Stroller — I will be running two 5Ks this spring and wanted to bring Aiden along so I needed to get a jogging stroller. I did some research and it seems that Thule and Bob have the best reviews especially with runners (versus people who buy them only to walk). I was able to find a good used Bob Ironman which has worked out perfectly and didn’t break the bank. There are adapters you can get for the stroller that will fit an infant car seat as well.

Manhattan Wrinkle — This is one of Aiden’s favorite toys when he is not using his kick and play!

Ingenuity Baby Base — Aiden is working on sitting so we put him in this baby base quite often. I like that you can pull the tray out of the bottom and put toys on it to keep him occupied. We usually put him in this when we are cooking or cleaning the kitchen so he can watch us.



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