Aiden’s First Easter Basket



I had lots of fun last weekend getting ready for Aiden’s first Easter! We colored Easter eggs and I put together an Easter basket. I wanted to get things that would be useful rather than just get more “things” that would clutter up the house.

I found the basket and shredded paper at Michaels, they had a great 40% off sale on  Easter items plus they always have additional percentage off coupons on their website. I went with a basket that we could use every year rather than one I would just throw away.

Most of the stuff that went inside came from Target. They had a few Easter things for babies, but for the most part I stuck with buying items that were bunnies, lambs or chickies and spring colors. I also added two bags of Reeses Pieces in a carrot bag because I figure my husband and I deserve an Easter treat too 🙂

Here’s what I  put in the basket:

Go gaga bunny lovey: Aiden is into playing with toys now (and eating them). We didn’t get a ton of toys before he was born, so this is a perfect addition to the basket.

Baby lamb rattle: I thought this lamb rattle was really cute and it is something small I can throw in the car seat or stroller to keep him occupied.

Easter bath books (package of two — in store only): I found these in the “under five dollar” Easter section. Aiden doesn’t have bath toys and loves books so I picked up a package.

Mam bite and relax: Aiden is not teething yet, but I picked this up for when the tome comes.

Mam pacifiers: In our house pacifiers seem to magically  disappear. I took this opportunity to buy a two-pack in spring colors.

Eric Carle stroller cards: I got these from Amazon. I thought they would be perfect to hang on the car seat and stroller. I loved Eric Carle when I was little, and I am excited to read his books to Aiden!

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