My Favorite Etsy Stores

I have always loved fashion and shopping and now that I have a baby I can’t get enough!

I love finding indie shops and things on Etsy, because they are unique and often made by Moms, so you know there is a good chance they work.

Here are some of my favorite Etsy finds so far:

  1. Minted Lane: This store makes accessories specifically for teething babies. I love the Bracelet Bangles and the Pacifier Clips.
  2. Wee Little Piggies: I love these shoes. They come in so many cute patterns and they are great for wearing at home or when you are out and about. They easily slip on and off which is my favorite part.
  3. Novas Meme: This store makes adorable knitted monster butt pants. Tammy, the owner, is great! She made a custom color combination and custom size. She was very responsive and the pants came quickly.
  4. Two Giggles: This store makes baby albums and keepsakes. I wrote about the baby book and keepsake boxes in an earlier post.
  5. Lucy Darling Shop: I love the baby memory books , milestone stickers  and children’s books from the Lucy Darling store.
  6. Gigi and Max: These “hello world” sets and baby leggings are adorable.

A post on my favorite indie stores coming soon!



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