Feature Wall

I wDSCN0530.JPGas so excited last week when I came home from work to see a big box on my doorstep because I knew that the photo boards I ordered from PhotoBarn had arrived. I love all the different materials and ways you can print photos these days, and I was so excited to find PhotoBarn which prints photos on wood.

When Aiden was 11 days old we invested in a newborn photo shoot with Devon Roe Photography. I am so glad we did, because he has already changed so much and I love looking back at how tiny he was. Plus newborns are pretty hard to get good photos of so I appreciate the expert work Devon did.

The 12 x 12 photo boards were the perfect way to display our favorite shots and the wood fits in perfectly with our rustic décor.

Although the boards are fairly expensive PhotoBarn often has some kind of sale. We got a great deal when we purchased our boards. Also, they take care to make sure the product is done right. It took some extra time to get the boards because when they first printed them, they didn’t love the quality so they reprinted.



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