Transitioning to the crib

DSCN0453 (2).JPG

Aiden has slept in his own room since the first week he came home — in his Rock and Play. We really liked the Rock and Play because he had some gas issues so the incline helped and the vibration seemed to help him stay asleep. About a week ago we noticed that when we came to get him in the morning his legs would be up almost over the front of the Rock and Play so we decided it was about time to move him to the crib.

We knew this day would come (although we thought it would happen closer to three months) so we have been trying to put him down for naps in the DockATot which is flat and we figured if he was comfortable with it, it might make the transition to the crib easier. It seems to have paid off!

On night one, we placed the DockATot in his crib and did our usual routine of rocking him to sleep. Once he was out, we put him in the Dock and he slept for about 5 hours before he woke up for a feeding. After the feeding I put him back down but he woke up about every hour after that. We think it may have been related to gas since he just ate and then was lying flat.

On night two, we did the same routine as night one except this time we put a few blankets under the Dock (it is important to note that Aiden is not rolling yet) so there was about a 45 degree angle. He slept for 6 hours and then woke up for his feeding and went back down without waking up again.

By the third night he slept through the night! Our plan is to keep him elevated at least until he starts rolling and then we will try him lying flat again.


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