I am a huge memory freak. I take pictures of everything and have tons of scrapbooks. Of course once I found out I was pregnant I went on the hunt for the perfect baby scrapbooks to document my little one.

It took awhile to find a book I like because I found that a lot of the books either had too many prompts, or not enough room for pictures, or only space for pictures.

In the end, here are the books I like the best and recommend:

2 Giggles Baby Book, Etsy: This is my main baby book. I love the fabric cover and it has a great set up. There is a section for pregnancy and then sections for each month with basic prompts so you can get a sense for growth from month to month and space for pictures. There are lots of nice add-ons that go with the book like extra prompts and scrapbook pages and memory boxes which are great for the larger items including your baby book!

Baby Journal by Yasmeen Ismail, Uncommon Goods: I love the illustrations in this journal. It is very simple and sweet. I like that there are different ways to record information like checking boxes where appropriate for breastfeeding and falling asleep and pages of information  on swadding and lullabies followed by pages to write your experience and envelopes for keepsakes.

Twelve Wishes for Baby, Rag and Bone: This book is more for the me than documenting baby. It provides 12 pages with prompts for you to personalize for baby. I imagine giving this to Aiden when he grows up.

Little Animal Lover Memory Book, Lucy Darling: I don’t have this book yet, but it looks super cute and I will probably add it to my collection soon! This website has lots of really sweet things for babies.

I am working on online documenting options now and haven’t found any that I am thrilled with. If anyone has ideas leave them in the comments!

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