Most Used Items — Month One

The first month of life with Aiden was all about survival. It was TOUGH! We learned that there is a lot of trial and error involved in taking care of a newborn. Here is what worked for us!

Sleeping — Rock and Play: This is the number one must have item I would recommend. We have the version that does not autorock, but that is only because we didn’t know about the autorocking one when we registered. For the first several weeks we had this wherever we were and he would take all his naps and sleep in it at night. It is light weight and fairly small so you can take it with you. We would take it to his grandparents house when we would go to visit and we took it on our trip to Maine/NH/RI for the holidays. It was much easier to lug around than the pack and play!

Swaddles — We used several different swaddles and often interchanged them. I wrote a more detailed post on swaddles here. During month one we mostly used the woombie (for bed) and the miracle swaddle during the day. I recommend putting a few different types of swaddles on your registry so you can find what works best for your baby.

Portable Owl Soother — This Eddie Bauer vibrating soother was a gift that we didn’t know existed; however, it saved our life on our long trip for the holidays. We pop it in his car seat when he cries in the car or stroller and he calms right down. However, it runs out of batteries QUICKLY, so make sure you have lots of double a batteries in your diaper bag.

Ergo Baby Carrier — There were many days when Aiden would just cry non-stop. He was not a fan of walks in his stroller, but we would put him in the baby carrier and he would pass out. Especially if we wanted him to get a nap in we would pop him in the carrier and walk to the grocery store down the street or around the block. Don’t forget the infant insert for small babies!

Pacifiers — I know that there is a lot of talk about nipple confusion and not introducing a pacifier until 4-6 weeks or whatever, but Aiden was introduced to a pacifier while in the hospital during his circumcision, and we had no nipple confusion issues. In fact, the pacifier really helped us calm him down on his worst days and nights. However, he was picky! The pacifier he preferred was by MAM. We had received a few different brands in the various thank you packages associated with our registry and luckily MAM was one of them. If you don’t get any of the thank you packages I would suggest putting a few different brands on your registry to try.




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